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# 43436

Carl Hummel de Bourdon "Count Carl Clam-Martinitz", outstanding large miniature!, 1816

19000  EUR

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It is a large miniature of the highest quality with a portrait of a young Austrian senior (golden galloon on the sleeve, adjutant's scarf under the shoulder-belt) officer wearing an uhlan uniform and bearing insignia of two awards - a Knight Cross of Austrian Order of Leopold and Austrian (officer) Canon Cross of 1813-1814 (for participants of anti-Napoleonic Wars of 1813/15). Acquired on 27th June 2001 at Munich auction house "Neumeister" this very important (signed and dated 1816) work by one of the best Austrian portrait miniaturists of the beginning of the 19th century, Carl Hummel de Bourdon, five years later, in 2012 obtained its sitter's supposed name.
Our at that time advisor in military uniforms, certain Dimitry Gorchkoff in his email from February 4, 2012 informed us that the name of this officer was Count Eugen Wratislaw von Mittrowitz-Nettolitzky. In 1816 this man was 30 years old and was in rank of a colonel.
(Here we have to say that unfortunately almost all "discoveries" of this self-styled "expert" in the last years turned out to be the latter's fantasies (psychosis?)).

On 1st July 2020 (i.e. eight years after this "discovery" we returned to that story and fully destroyed the false attribution of "expert" Gorchkoff.

We examined officer lists of Austrian uhlan regiments for the period of 1815-1817, and we have learned that aforementioned Count Eugen Wratislaw von Mitrowitz was not (!!) in 1816 in possession of the Order of Leopold. Moreover, among all (senior and junior!) officers we found only one man who served as an aide-camp (adjutant; shoulder scarf!)) and possessed the Order of Leopold. Moreover, in 1816 this man was only a 24-year-old and already a major (senior officer). His name was Graf (Count) Carl (Karl) Clam-Martinitz, he was an adjutant of famous Austrian warlord, winner of the Battle of Leipzig (1813), Prince Carl von Schwarzenberg.

Count Carl Joseph Nepomuk Clam-Martinitz (Martinic) was born in Prague, on 23rd May 1792 and died in Vienna, on 29th January 1840. He was a son of the president of the govenment of province Upper Austria, Carl Joseph Perger (1760-1826) and Maria-Anna Countess Borita von Martinitz (b. 1769). As a teenager he began to study law but in 1809 he changed to military career, joining the "Freikorps Kinsky" (Austrian irregular volunteer unit). In 1812 he became wing-adjutant of Prince Carl von Schwarzenberg and accompanied his chief until late 1813. In 1814, being promoted to major he served some time as adjutant of Lieutenant Field Marshal von Koller and together with the latter accompanied just exiled Napoleon Bonaparte on his journey from Fontainebleau to Elba. He was in the capital, during the famous Congress of Vienna where he performed different diplomatic missions. In 1815, after Napoleon's comeback he returned to Prince Schwarzenberg and took part in the campaign of that year. In March of 1818 he accompanied Austrian Lieutenant Field Marshal Prince Philipp von Hessen-Homburg to Russian Poland where the latter met Tsar Alexander I. Already a colonel, in 1824 and 1826 he was again sent to Russia. In 1830 he was raised to major general and Member of the War Council. In 1835 he became general-adjutant of Kaiser Ferdinand I who just ascended the throne. In 1837 he was promoted to lieutenant field marshal. He was also a real privy councillor and chamberlain.
Still in 1821 he married Selina Meade (1797-1892), daughter of Richard Meade, 2nd Earl of Clanwilliam. They had several children (one of them - son Heinrich Jaroslaw (1826-1887) became well-known Austrian statesman.
Before his marriage he had an affair with Dorothea Biron, Princess of Courland (1793-1862; daughter of famous Dorothea von Medem and Duke Peter von Biron - CLICK HERE); the latter on 15th September 1816 (sic!) gave birth to a girl.
Our images nr.12-14 provide his extensive biography.

It is interesting to add that this miniature was executed in the same days as another important work of Hummel de Bourdon - the miniature portrait of our sitter's chief, Prince von Schwarzenberg (see our image nr.18)

Carl Ludwig Hummel de Bourdon was born ca.1769 into an aristocratic family living in Besanšon, France. During the French Revolution he fled from the Great Terror from France and settled in Austria (this suggestion stems from Dr. Bodo Hofstetter (Switzerland); see his recently published catalogue "Portraitminiaturen/ Museum Liaunig", Neuhaus, 2015, p. 371). For the first time he is mentioned in a marriage contract completed in Vienna in 1800. In this document he is named as court artist of Archduke Joseph's (Palatine of Hungary) wife - Alexandra Pavlovna, nee Grand Duchess of Russia. This fact has made some art historian to suppose that Carl Hummel de Bourdon has spent a few years in Hungary in this period. Dr. Hofstetter believes that this supposition is not convincing enough, since the wedding of Alexandra Pavlovna and the Archduke Joseph took place on 30 October 1799, and Hummel's wedding took place in Vienna (and not in Hungary) a few months later.
It seems in the mid 1810s he spent some time in Poland (or Lemberg (Lviv) belonging then to the Austrian Empire, capital of formerly Polish (since 1772 Austrian) province Galicia). This supposition is supported by a lot of his portraits of Polish aristocrats of that time.
He died in Vienna in 1840 at the age of 71.


Condition: good, in a magnificent original Empire frame.

Creation Year: 1816

Measurements: UNFRAMED:13,9x10,0cm/5,5x3,9in FRAMED: 30,2x27,2cm/11,9x10,7in

Object Type: Framed miniature

Style: Portrait miniatures

Technique: watercolor on card

Inscription: signed and dated: hummel /1816

Creator: Carl Ludwig Hummel de Bourdon
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Creator Dates: ca.1769 Besanšon (FR)-1840 Vienna

Nationality: French/ Austrian

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