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# 41920

Johan Stålbom "Swedish General Charles Emil Lewenhaupt the Younger", superior oil miniature!!, 1772

Price: 4900  EUR

(please note additional 13% tax applies for transactions concluded within the European Union)

This work was initially offered by auction house "Chiswick", UK (sale of October 3, 2017, lot 24) as "After Johan Stalbom" (the auctioneer's attribution was clearly based on similar work of the same artist (available through Web search; whereabouts unknown) - a miniature portrait of the same sitter shown from a different angle (see our image nr.5).
We confirm that this portrait is indeed an absolutely authentic and very typical work (for comparison, see our image nr.8) of well-known 18th-century Finno-Swedish portraitist Johan Stålbom. According to the date on verso, it was painted in 1772.
It is a relatively large (16.5 x 14.8cm) oil-on-copper miniature portrait of Swedish major general (sic! once again, see our image nr.8 for Stålbom's miniature portrait of another Swedish major general), Greve (Count) Charles Emil Levenhaupt the Younger.

Charles Emil Levenhaupt the Younger was the only son of Charles Emil Levenhaupt the Elder (1691-1743; see our image nr.6). His father was a Major-General of the Swedish Army. In 1741, he was involved in the decision to wage war against Imperial Russia (CLICK HERE). Following the war, on 20 June, 1743, Lewenhaupt the Elder was sentenced to death on the grounds of poor performance and conduct in the war. His son Charles Emil the Younger and a small party managed to free him, but he was re-arrested when aboard a vessel in the Stockholm archipelago bound for Danzig. He was executed on August 4th 1743 in Stockholm. His father's misfortune did not seem to have adversely affected career of Levenhaupt the Younger, and he devoted himself to Parliamentary politics and became M Major General of the Swedish Cavalry. For his extensive biography in Swedish, once again see our image nr.5.

The author of this portrait, Johan Stålbom (1712 Nyland - 1777 Estate Orräng, Östergötland / Sweden) from 1733 trained in Stockholm with the painters Johan Pasch and Lorens Pasch the Elder. His portrait works can be seen in Gripsholm Castle, the library and consistory of the Linköping Diocese, the Nordic Museum of Stockholm, the Uppsala University, as well as in collections of a number of Swedish noble families.

Provenance: English antique trade


Condition: good; in Neoclassical frame

Creation Year: 1772

Measurements:UNFRAMED:16,5x14,8cm/6,5x5,8in FRAMED: 28,5x19,7cm/11,2x7,8in

Object Type:Framed miniature

Style: Portrait Miniatures

Technique: oil on copper (oval)

Inscription:verso: old legend with the date of "1772"

Creator: Johan Stålbom

Creator Dates: 1712 Nyland-1777 Estate Orräng

Nationality:Finnish / Swedish


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