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# 41058

Franz Xaver Ferdinand von Lampi "Johanna Berres, nee von Hauslab", Outstanding Oil Painting!!, 1820s


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Although unsigned, this wonderful portrait portrait of a young lady in white gown is undoubtedly an authentic work of the well-known Austrian-Polish portraitist Franz Xaver Ferdinand von Lampi (1782 Klagenfurt - 1852 Warsaw). A comparison with other, similar works of this artist (see our images nr.12-13 and our web # 34247 and web # 28639) provide a convincing confirmation of his authorship.

The young beauty is already mother of two little sons - Johanna Berres, nee von Hauslab, wife of Austrian surgeon, between 1817-1832 professor of anatomy at the Lemberg Surgeon School. Formerly Polish town, Lemberg was then the centre of Austrian province Galicia. Nevertheless various Polish artists (among other Franz Xaver von Lampi) were active (permanently or temporarily) there.
Sitter's husband, Christian Joseph Berres (1796-1844; see our images nr.17-178) was enobled in 1842 by Austrian Kaiser Fedrinand I to "Edler (lowest noble title; title of baron is two steps higher)) von Perez". Consequently his wife became "Berres, Edle von Perez" (not "Baroness Perez-Perez, nee Hauslab" as this portrait was erroneouly catalogued in "Collection of Prince R.B." (this collection was sold at 7-9 October 1920 sale of Vienna auction house "Gilhofer & Ranschburg" (our painting was offered there as Lot 29 (see our image nr.14)). Besides that collector and correspondingly auctioneer believed to deal with a work of Franz Xaver Lampi's father, Johann Baptist Lampi-senior. This error was corrected in 2014 by Dr. Roberto Pancheri, author of a modern book about Lampi-father, who recognized in a replica (rather a copy after our painting!; it is much weaker in the quality), offered at Vienna auction house "im Kinsky" Franz Xaver Lampi as the author (see our image nr.15). Obviously Dr. Pancheri have not seen our variation, since ca. 2005 offered online.

Johanna Berres was a noblewoman still before her marriage - she was born into well-known Vienna family of "Edlers von Hauslab" (her father, Franz Edler von Hauslab (1749-1820) was a well-known Vienna portrait miniaturist, brother, Franz Ritter von Hauslab - general of Austrian army). Johanna and her husband had five children (all boys; three of them became Austrian generals (one - even field marshal); son Josef was besides that celebrated Austrian painter). Johanna died on 13th September 1856. We found on Web (CLICK HERE) very interesting Ukranian article about Lemberg period of this family (Lemberg is now Lviv in West Ukraine).

Franz Xaver Ferdinand von Lampi (1782 Klagenfurt - 1852 Warsaw) was the youngest son of the famous Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder (1751-1830) and a younger brother of the better known Johann Baptist Lampi the Younger (1775-1837). In his early youth he showed a talent for art and together with his elder brother attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where he was trained by Maurer, Duvivier and Fueger. Following his father's will, the artist married when he was young. The marriage was a source of many disagreements with the father, who finally disinherited his son.
In 1814 Lampi left Vienna and went to Hungary where he was active as a portraitist. In 1815 he arrived to Warsaw, the city he liked so much that it became a place of his permanent residence until his death. In the meantime, though, Lampi undertook numerous painting trips, sometimes long, sometimes short: to Cracow (1817-1818), then to Lemberg (now Lvov, Ukraine), Kalisz, Lublin and Vilna (now Vilnius, Lithuania). In 1823 he stayed in Vienna for a short time (was this portrait painted during this stay?), around 1836 spent a longer period of time in Breslau (Wroclaw), in 1840 lived in Dresden, Munich and Berlin. In 1852 the artist - like many others - became a victim of cholera epidemic, which captured Warsaw at that time.
Lampi was a productive painter, and many of his works are displayed in museum and private collections in Poland. Along with portraits, he created historical, landscape and church paintings, although portrait always remained his main subject. Lampi was also a skilled art teacher. He taught - among athers - Michalowski and Stattler, in 1841 became a director of his own art school. His exhibitions took place in Warsaw in 1838, 1840 and 1845.

For an extensive biography of this artist CLICK HERE.

The canvas (probably acquired by artist in Lemberg) bears on verso stamp of Vienna canvasmaker J. Hall).

P.S. 12 May 2012:
While browsing through the website of the Austrian National Library we discovered a print (obviously an illustration from some book)...after our portrait (see image nr.16). It is erroneously presented (probably initially in this unknown book) as a portrait of Franziska Itzig.
Berlin Jewish woman Franziska Itzig married in 1776 Vienna banker Nathan Adam von Arnstein and since this date was widely known as Baroness Fanny von Arnstein (see images nr.15-16). By the 1820s (evident date of our portrait) she had long since died (she died in 1818 in age of 60)...

Provenance: private collection, Vienna.


Condition: good

Creation Year: 1820s

Measurements:UNFRAMED:92,5x73,5cm/36,4x28,9in FRAMED: 112,5x95,5cm/44,3x37,6in

Object Type:Framed oil painting

Style: Biedermeier Paintings

Technique: oil on canvas

Inscription:verso inscribed : J. Schlieben (name of one of pre-owners?)

Creator: Franz Xaver Ferdinand von Lampi

Creator Dates: 1782-1852


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