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# 28186

Jean-Baptiste-Jacques Augustin (1759-1832) "Mme Canda", 1793, our absolutely best miniature!!!!!!!!!!


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An exceptional quality miniature with portrait of a young beautiful lady wearing a night-dress and -cap. It was painted in 1793 by the famous Parisian miniaturist Jean-Baptiste-Jacques Augustin. We acquired this work together with an unsigned miniature portrait of a young French gentleman dressed according to fashion of the 1790s (see our web # 28187). The male portrait is framed identically as the female one. It also meets all stylistic criteria of works by Augustin. However, it is slightly smaller than portrait of the lady, i.e. 7.5cm in diameter. As we are not 100% certain, whether these two persons were factual spouses or lovers, we are offering these two miniatures separately.
According to old legend on verso the young lady was a wife of certain Charles Canda. They lived in Amiens, France.Their son Florimond (full first name - see our image nr.12 - Florimond Louis-Joseph) Canda was born in 1792 (hence, we see our lady as a mother of 1-year-aged son!), served many years in the French Army, was present under Napoleon at Waterloo, and in 1818 with his wife Angeline, nee De Balbi (daughter of nobleman from Genoa, Marquis De Balbi-Piovera) emigrated from Amiens to USA. In the same 1818 they settled in New York City, where Florimond opened a ladies school. This miniature "emigrated" with him to the US and almost two hundred years later, together with another art works from estate of descendant of family Canda-Payson came to "William Doyle Galleries", New York (see provenance bellow). Beside this miniature and mentioned above miniature with male portrait we acquired at the same sale a wonderful (also of highest quality!) charcoal drawing with a portrait of Florimond's wife (and our sitter's daughter-in-law) Angeline (see our web # 25476).

Jean-Baptiste Jacques Augustin (1759 Saint-Die/Vosgues - 1832 Paris) called himself "the pupil of nature and meditation", and although he had some lessons in painting from Claudiot in Nancy, his talent was really personal, and there was no artist at least in France, on whom he could model himself.
In 1781, he arrived in Paris, where he was received by the Pinchon family, friends of his parents. Their portraits painted by Augustin made him known quickly and secured him with other commissions. The artist gained fame quite rapidly. Augustin and Isabey were the two greatest French miniaturists of the late 18th - early 19th centuries, and it would be difficult to say who was a better one. They are as different as could be; in modern terminology, one could call Augustin "the naturalist" and Isabey - "the impressionist". Both had a very great number of pupils, and because of that a considerable influence on the art of the miniature in their period. Amongst the best pupils of Augustin can be mentioned his wife Madeleine Pauline (nee Ducruet) who surpasses them all: Fanny Charin, Le Tellier, Fontallard, Alexandre, Delatour, G.E. Lami, Sieurac, Mme Dalacazette, Mlle Hue de Breval, and Mme de Mirbel. Napoleon had a marked preference for Isabey. In spite of that he nominated Augustin official painter of the Imperial Court. At the restoration Louis XVIII made him painter in ordinary of his cabinet, and in 1821 he became Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur. In 1820 he went to London to carry out a number of orders, but he does not seem to have remained there very long. He died of cholera in Paris in 1832.

Our images nr.13-18 show several other Augustin's works sold at the international art auction in the last years.

Provenance: Auction House "William Doyle Galleries" New York, 7 February 2007, Lot 2284

This miniature is included in published in May 2015 Augustin's catalogue raisonee by Bernd Pappe (see our image nr.19)


Condition: good; in original frame

Creation Year: 1793

Measurements:UNFRAMED:8,1x8,1cm/3,2x3,2in FRAMED: 18,5x18,5cm/7,3x7,3in

Object Type:Framed miniature

Style: Portrait Miniatures

Technique: watercolor on ivory, laid on old paper mount

Inscription:signed and dated: Augustin /1793; verso: old legend

Creator: Jean-Baptiste Jacques Augustin

Creator Dates: 1759 Saint-Die/Vosgues-1832 Paris



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